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17:00, 21.06.2022

Chamber of Deputies rejects bill providing for two-round mayoral elections

The Chamber of Deputies rejected on Tuesday a bill providing for the election of mayors in two rounds of voting. Fii la curent cu cele mai noi stiri. Urmărește stiripesurse.ro pe Facebook stiripesurse.ro ×…

16:45, 21.06.2022

Germany rejects EU plan for ban on new fossil-fuel cars from 2035

Germany‘s government will not agree to European Union plans to effectively ban the sale of new cars with combustion engines from 2035, Finance Minister Christian Lindner said on Tuesday, according to Reuters. …

21:10, 11.04.2022

Chamber of Deputies rejects USR simple motion against Environment Minister

The Chamber of Deputies has rejected, on Monday, the simple motion filed by the Save Romania Union (USR) against Environment Minister Tanczos Barna. Fii la curent cu cele mai noi stiri. Urmărește stiripesurse.ro…

12:10, 17.02.2022

European gas rises after U.S. rejects Russia claims of pullback

European natural gas prices increased after two days of declines as the U.S. rejected Russia’s claims that it was pulling back troops from the border with Ukraine, according to Bloomberg.  Moscow instead added…

13:55, 09.02.2022

Chamber rejects USR simple motion against Energy Minister

The Chamber of Deputies rejected today by a vote of 98 to 190 and 4 abstentions the simple motion initiated by the Save Romania Union (USR) against Energy Minister Virgil Popescu.

13:41, 27.01.2022

Government rejects any attempt of intimidating journalists, so-called lists with

The Government "firmly" rejects any attempt of intimidating journalists, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca said on Thursday, highlighting that it is unacceptable that so-called "toxic newsroom" lists are being promoted…

14:31, 26.01.2022

Constitutional Court rejects notification on Anca Dragu's dismissal as Senate President

The Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) has rejected on Wednesday the Save Romania Union (USR) notification on Anca Dragu's dismissal as Senate President. "CCR, as part of the control on Parliament's decisions,…

19:20, 21.01.2022

Romanian Foreign Ministry rejects the Russia’s declaration about NATO: inappropriate and baseless

After Moscow required the withdrawal of NATO troops from Romania and Bulgaria. The Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry rejects as “inappropriate and baseless” the declarations of the Russian Foreign Ministry concerning…

20:00, 18.01.2022

Energy suppliers' association rejects claims through which suppliers are being accused of unfair practices

The Romanian Power Suppliers Association (AFEER) firmly rejects claims circulated in public space through which suppliers are being accused of unfair practices and says that many problems occurred because of delays…

16:11, 03.01.2022

Germany calls nuclear power ‘dangerous,’ rejects EU plan

The German government said Monday that it considers nuclear energy dangerous and objects to European Union proposals that would let the technology remain part of the bloc’s plans for a climate-friendly future,…

16:06, 27.10.2021

Senate rejects bill on obligation to present COVID-19 digital certificate at work

On Wednesday, the Senate plenary rejected a bill according to which it is mandatory for the staff of some public and private units to present the COVID-19 digital certificate at the workplace, agerpres reports.…

19:35, 25.10.2021

USR's Armand: Court rejects PSD District 1 request to annul decision to centralize local election results

The court has denied a request from the District 1 branch of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) to annul the decision of the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) by which the results for the election of mayors for Bucharest's…

16:45, 20.10.2021

Constitutional Court rejects Anca Dragu's notification on ministers' reshuffle

The Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) on Wednesday rejected the notification of Senate President Anca Dragu on solving of a legal conflict between the Government and PM Florin Citu, on the one hand, and Parliament,…

13:55, 22.07.2021

Covid: China rejects WHO plan for second phase of virus origin probe

China rejected on Thursday a World Health Organization (WHO) plan for a second phase of an investigation into the origin of the coronavirus, which includes the hypothesis it could have escaped from a Chinese laboratory,…

19:25, 07.07.2021

Barna: USR PLUS rejects any initiative to withdraw file on Rosia Montana from UNESCO

Deputy Prime Minister Dan Barna said on Wednesday that Save Romania Union - Unity, Freedom and Solidarity (USR PLUS) rejects any initiative, from whatever direction it may come, to withdraw the file on Rosia Montana…

15:50, 19.05.2021

PSD categorically rejects discrimination against children based on anti-COVID vaccination

Social Democratic Party (PSD) categorically rejects discrimination against children based on anti-COVID vaccination, the social-democrats said in a statement. "The decision to vaccinate children against COVID must…

20:00, 04.05.2021

Senate rejects establishment of inquiry committee into evacuation and transfer of Foisor Hospital patients

The Senate rejected, in Tuesday's sitting, the draft decision aimed at setting up an inquiry committee into the organization of the evacuation and transfer of the patients hospitalized in the Foisor Clinical Hospital…

13:50, 27.04.2021

Chamber of Deputies rejects law by which Liviu Dragnea wanted repatriation of gold reserve

The Chamber of Deputies rejected on Tuesday the law by which Liviu Dragnea, the former leader of Social Democratic Party (PSD), wanted the repatriation of the gold reserve, reports agerpres. The vote was cast on…

15:25, 26.01.2021

CCR rejects AUR challenges regarding Parliament Decision on Citu Gov't investiture

On Tuesday, the Romanian Constitutional Court rejected the notifications of the Alliance for the Union of Romanians (AUR) regarding the Parliament Decision No. 31/2020 regarding the investiture of the Government…

18:20, 13.01.2021

CCR rejects notification on revision of state social insurance budget for 2020

The Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) rejected on Wednesday the Government's notification on the law for the revision of the state social insurance budget for 2020, establishing that the normative act is unconstitutional.…

18:05, 12.01.2021

Former political leader Dragnea remains in prison as court rejects request for sentence review

The Supreme Court on Tuesday denied a request submitted by Liviu Dragnea by which the former Social Democratic Party (PSD) national leader petitioned for a review of a three-and-a-half-year in prison sentence handed…

19:41, 27.09.2020

LocalElections2020/BEC rejects MAI request for extension of voting hours for people in vicinity of polling stations

The request of the Ministry of the Interior to extend the voting hours after 21:00 hrs for the people waiting in the vicinity of the polling stations to exercise their right to vote was rejected by the Central…

14:11, 22.09.2020

PNL requests sending back to committees budget revision, joint plenum rejects proposal

The National Liberal Party (PNL) has requested, on Tuesday, the resending of the draft regarding the budget revision to the select committees for the report to be drawn up again, to be resubmitted in 30 days, and…

21:30, 11.08.2020

Senate rejects USR proposal to modify Criminal Code, Criminal Procedure Code on extended confiscation

The Senate rejected on Tuesday the legislative proposal initiated by the USR (Save Romania Union) MPs regarding the modification of the Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure Code in the sense of extending confiscation…

16:54, 16.06.2020

Senate rejects bill enabling Gov't to issue ordinance during parliamentary recess

The Senate has rejected on Tuesday the bill enabling the Government to issue ordinances during the parliamentary recess, between July and August 2020. There were 75 senators who voted in favour of the rejection…

14:24, 12.06.2020

PM Orban: If Parliament rejects state of alert, risk of new epidemic wave very high

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said that if Parliament rejects the state of alert, the risk of a new epidemic wave will be "very high", because the authorities "will be deprived of the tools, the legal, constitutional…

17:27, 10.06.2020

Senate rejects bill providing for 90 percent tax on special pensions

The Senate plenary rejected on Wednesday the bill initiated by the lawmakers of the Save Romania Union (USR), providing for a 90 percent tax on special pensions."The USR has been trying to fully abolish special…

15:22, 06.05.2020

PNL's Roman says party rejects any project to enclave Romania

The National Liberal Party (PNL) has rejected and will reject in the future any bill aimed at enclaving or federalising Romania, as Romanian land cannot be the subject of political barter between the Social Democratic…

14:56, 15.11.2019

CCR rejects six appeals to annul elections

The Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) rejected six appeals that had as a purpose the annulment of the presidential elections.  "In the November 5 - 15, 2019 period, the plenum of the Constitutional Court (...)…

12:56, 28.08.2019

Chamber of Deputies rejects draft law on pardons

The Chamber of Deputies has rejected, on Wednesday, with 177 votes for rejection, one against and two abstentions, the draft law regarding the pardoning some sentences and some educational measures deprived of…

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