PMP's Tomac says PSD not interested in gov't falling

PMP's Tomac says PSD not interested in gov't falling

National chairman of the People's (PMP) says two-round mayoral elections is a "a very good thing" for the society, specifying that the (PSD) has no interest in the government being ousted on a censure motion. "We have to see if the censure motion will be submitted. PSD has no interest in the current government falling apart (...) We are watching a fairly committed political game on their part, because Ciolacu has nothing else to say, as in his party there are 2,000 mayors half of whom risk being left home. PSD has 29 county council chairs who…

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Parliament convenes to discuss censure motion

13:08, 05.02.2020 - The Senate and the Chamber of Deputies have convened in a joint meeting to discuss and vote on a motion of censure tabled by the Social Democratic Party (PSD) after Government passed legislation on two-round mayoral elections by assuming responsibility.  The meeting is led by Speaker of the Chamber…

UDMR's Kelemen says all MPs should vote on censure motion

20:52, 30.01.2020 - National chairman of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) Kelemen Hunor told AGERPRES on Thursday that all MPs who disagrees with the form or merits of the government's legislating on two-round mayoral elections by assuming responsibility before Parliament have to vote on the censure…

Deputies' Chamber Speaker Ciolacu: I think we will be able to file the censure motion on Thursday

17:01, 28.01.2020 - Speaker of the Deputies Chamber Marcel Ciolacu, interim leader of the PSD (Social Democratic Party), on Tuesday stated it's possible the Social Democrats submit the motion of censure on Thursday, after the Government assumes responsibility for the draft law on the election of mayors in two rounds.…

PSD collected enough signatures to submit motion of censure

08:56, 20.01.2020 - PSD (Social Democratic Party) managed to collected 115 signatures to submit the motion of censure against the Government assuming responsibility for the election of mayors in two rounds, the interim leader of this party, Marcel Ciolacu, told a press conference held on Sunday in Targoviste (north-west…

PMP's Tomac: We aren't afraid of early polls, but we risk a political chaos Romania doesn't need

18:17, 18.01.2020 - PMP (People's Movement Party) leader Eugen Tomac on Saturday stated at Gura Humorului that he wasn't afraid of early polls, but he believed early polls, if held, could bring "political chaos" in Romania. "If any motion passes, we could get closer to early polls (...) We aren't afraid of early polls,…

PSD's Ciolacu: If censure motion passes, we'll go for national unity government variant

20:44, 17.01.2020 - Acting Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Marcel Ciolacu told a news conference in Pitesti on Friday that should the censure motion pass, neither the PSD nor the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) will propose a prime minister and that there is the variant of a national unity…

UDMR to vote for censure motion; not interested in governing

17:47, 16.01.2020 - National chairman of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) Kelemen Hunor on Thursday told AGERPRES that UDMR will vote for a censure motion if the Ludovic Orban government assume responsibility before Parliament for two-round mayoral elections, adding that his party is not interested in…

PSD's Ciolacu says democracy being abused requires censure motion

17:52, 14.01.2020 - Social Democratic Party (PSD) acting national leader Marcel Ciolacu said on Tuesday that a censure motion should be tabled by PSD accusing the National Liberal Party (PNL) of abusing democracy, and adding that PSD's capability of holding talks and creating a new parliamentary majority should not…

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