ParliamentaryElections2020/AEP: Oct 22, 24:00 hrs - registration deadline for vote by mail in diaspora

ParliamentaryElections2020/AEP: Oct 22, 24:00 hrs - registration deadline for vote by mail in diaspora

The (AEP) reminds Romanian citizens with domicile or residence abroad that they can still register as voters by mail only on Thursday, the deadline being October 22, 24:00 hrs, Romanian time, according to AGERPRES.

In a release sent to AGERPRES, the president of the , Constantin-Florin Mituletu-Buica, reiterates his call to Romanians abroad to opt for voting by mail, as a safe and convenient way to vote remotely, without queues, without costs and without risks, especially in the context of the uncertainty related to the evolution…

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ParliamentaryElections2020/AEP: Abroad voters can vote even if residence document expired after March 1

17:05, 30.11.2020 - Romanian voters who hold a document certifying their residence abroad and whose validity period has expired between March 1 and December 6 may exercise their right to vote in elections to the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. A press release of the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) sent on Monday…

ParliamentaryElections2020/ MAE's Ivan requests Romanians abroad involve themselves in activity of polling stations

16:00, 09.11.2020 - The representative with special tasks for electoral processes of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE), Iulian Ivan, launched, on Monday, an appeal to Romanians abroad to involve themselves in the activity of polling stations, an insufficient number of members in these polling stations potentially…

December 15 deadline for companies to request rescheduling of debts accumulated in emergency state, e-billing pilot-programme to start

08:35, 23.10.2020 - Companies will have until 15 December to apply for the rescheduling of debts accumulated in the period from the beginning of the state of emergency (16 March, ed. n.) until 25 October, Public Finance Minister Florin Citu said on Thursday, according to AGERPRES. "The idea is simple: companies have…

PM Orban: Romanians to be able to vote by correspondence in countries where not possible to organize polling stations

09:05, 30.09.2020 - Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said the Government would launch an information campaign dedicated to Romanians in the diaspora, so that they would know that they would be able to vote in the parliamentary elections in countries where it would not be possible to organize polling stations due to health…

AEP: 3,939 Romanians abroad registered to vote at polling stations in parliamentary elections; registration period expired

20:36, 22.09.2020 - A number of 3,939 Romanian voters domiciled or residing abroad have registered on the portal to vote at a polling station in the December 6 parliamentary elections, according to the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP), which also mentioned that the registration period has expired.…

AEP: Deadline for registration of Romanians abroad as voters - extended until October 21

19:15, 16.09.2020 - The deadline for registration of Romanian citizens domiciled or residing abroad for voting by mail or at a polling station in the parliamentary elections has been extended until October 21, the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) announced on Wednesday in a press release sent to AGERPRES.According…

AEP: Over 7,000 Romanians abroad register for vote by correspondence in parliamentary elections

20:10, 15.09.2020 - Over 7,000 Romanian voters abroad have registered for vote by correspondence on the portal until Tuesday, 12:00 hrs, and for voting in polling stations over 2,000 Romanian citizens abroad have registered up to now, the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) informs.According…

AEP: 6,017 Romanians from abroad opt for vote by mail in parliamentary elections

16:15, 14.09.2020 - The Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) specified that for this year's parliamentary elections, as many as 6,017 Romanians from abroad registered for the vote by mail, while 1,838 Romanian citizens from the diaspora registered for the vote at polling station."AEP informs that, for this year's…

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