President Iohannis: I urge those elected to honor their promises honestly and responsibly

President Iohannis: I urge those elected to honor their promises honestly and responsibly

urged the winners of the local elections to honor their promises "honestly and responsibly" and appealed to authorities to organize the transition of power at the level of administrations as fast and as fluent as possible.

"I congratulate all those who won mandates in the elections yesterday, but I warn them they will not have an easy mission, because the expectations of people are very high. I urge them, then, to honor their promises honestly and responsibly to demonstrate that they are truly in the service of those who entrusted with them the destinies of the…

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Cazanciuc: President Iohannis sends clear message: elections to take place at peak of the pandemic

20:20, 23.10.2020 - The interim speaker of the Senate, the social-democrat Robert Cazanciuc, said on Friday that President Klaus Iohannis, by sending back to Parliament the law by which parliamentary elections could be postponed, sent a very clear message - the elections will take place at the peak of the pandemic and…

President Iohannis requests re-examination of organisation of parliamentary elections

13:05, 23.10.2020 - President Klaus Iohannis on Friday sent to Parliament a request for the re-examination of the Law on some measures regarding the organisation of the elections for the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, following the termination of the mandate of the Parliament elected in 2016, the Presidential Administration…

President Iohannis: Postponement of parliamentary elections, not appropriate

21:15, 30.09.2020 - President Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday that a postponement of the parliamentary elections is not appropriate, arguing that the law by which Parliament sets the date of the general elections is some politicians' "pathetic attempt" to get the daily allowance for a few more months."That's…

The Minister of European Funds, Marcel Bolos:' I believe that those who will be elected now can do a lot of good for the future of their fellow citizens'

15:25, 27.09.2020 - The Minister of European Funds, Marcel Bolos, on Sunday, after he cast his vote at a polling station in Oradea, said that he stamped the ballot papers with the thought of modernizing the local communities and for the people to have a better life, according to AGERPRES."I voted for the future…

Iohannis: It is very important to go to vote

11:36, 27.09.2020 - President Klaus Iohannis said it was very important for citizens to go to the polls on Sunday and choose candidates who could do something for their communities."It is a very important day today - the day of voting for local elections. Today we are electing our mayors, local councilors, county…

President Iohannis: I expect PNL to score the best result in the election

22:05, 09.09.2020 - President Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday that he expects the PNL (National Liberal Party) to score a "record result" in the upcoming local elections, the best it has ever scored. "The National Liberal Party is without a doubt the most important party on the Romanian political scene today and it…

President Iohannis on GEO regarding the phases increase in child allowances, PSD lacks responsibility

20:20, 12.08.2020 - President Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday that the rejection of the GEO on the phased increase in child allowances shows "a total lack of responsibility on the part of PSD" (Social Democratic Party). "Their argument is that they do not govern and therefore will not answer for it, but I believe that…

President Iohannis: We need very firm measures; those who do not comply with rules to be sanctioned

16:10, 30.07.2020 - President Klaus Iohannis said on Thursday that, in the current epidemiological context, very firm measures are needed and stressed that those who do not comply with the rules will be sanctioned. "We need very firm measures. I rely on you, dear Romanians, to respect these norms, and those who do not…

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