Nicusor Dan: Schools should remain closed until COVID-19 incidence less than 3/1,000 inhabitants

Nicusor Dan: Schools should remain closed until COVID-19 incidence less than 3/1,000 inhabitants

The general mayor of Bucharest, , supports the measure that the schools in Bucharest should remain closed until the incidence of COVID-19 is less than 3 per thousand inhabitants, according to AGERPRES.

"Children are transmitters of this disease. (...) We also have the problem in Bucharest of schools that operate in three shifts and in which it is practically impossible to distance children in the classroom. (...) Given the current conditions in Bucharest, we can do online school under acceptable conditions. It is a safety measure that I wholeheartedly support, so until we reduce…

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EduMin - new data regarding classes: 4,036 schools - 3rd scenario; Covid cases in 367 schools

17:45, 03.11.2020 - A number of 4,036 educational units nationwide are carrying out their classes according to the 3rd scenario (online), while novel coronavirus infection cases have been recorded in 367 schools, the Ministry of Education and Research (MEC) informed on Tuesday. The institution monitors the dynamics…

Nicusor Dan: Municipality's commitment towards CSM Bucharest will continue at least until next summer

22:30, 29.10.2020 - Freshly installed Bucharest general mayor Nicusor Dan said on Thursday that the Municipality will continue its commitment towards the Municipal Sports Club (CSM) at least until next summer."CSM Bucharest has a handball team that is engaged in a European competition. The commitment of the municipality…

It would have been better not to organize St Demetrius pilgrimage, given pandemic conditions (Bucharest mayor-elect)

09:05, 23.10.2020 - Bucharest General Mayor-elect Nicusor Dan opined on Thursday that given the special conditions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, it would have been better if the pilgrimage of St. Demetrius, celebrated by the Orthodox Church on October 26, had not been organized this year, according to AGERPRES."Unfortunately,…

UPDATE PM Orban tests negative for COVID-19, to remain in quarantine until Thursday

17:15, 05.10.2020 - The result of Prime Minister Ludovic Orban's recent test for the infection with the novel coronavirus is negative, and he will remain in quarantine until Thursday, from where he will exercise his duties without physical interaction with other people, according to the Government. According to the…

Ludovic Orban și Nicușor Dan, testați pentru COVID-19, dupa ce au fost contacți cu un realizator TV

13:15, 05.10.2020 - „Participarea premierului Ludovic Orban la evenimentele programate in cursul zilei de astazi, 5 octombrie, a fost suspendata urmare a faptului ca una din persoanele alaturi de care s-a aflat in aceeași platou de televiziune, in cursul saptamanii trecute, a fost confirmata pozitiv, duminica, la testul…

LocalElections2020/Tariceanu, after stations closed: Profoundly dissappointed with results

22:51, 27.09.2020 - Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) Chairman Calin Popescu-Tariceanu said on Sunday, after the polling stations closed, that his party's results in the local elections in the Capital were "a reason for profound disappointment." "It seems that the ALDE has failed to reach the 5% electoral threshold…

LocalElections2020/ Nicusor Dan: Bucharest Mayor promised tests for COVID-19, but didn't do them

13:20, 07.09.2020 - The General Mayor of Bucharest, Gabriela Firea, promised Bucharesters tests for COVID-19, but has done, until August 31, only 1 pct of the total tests done at the national level since the start of the pandemic, stated, on Monday, Nicusor Dan, candidate for the Bucharest City Hall."I am a supporter…

Schools in Romania to close if three COVID-19 cases detected in different classrooms

13:10, 01.09.2020 - Health Minister Nelu Tataru told a news briefing on Tuesday that a school will close if there are three cases of COVID-19 infection in different classrooms. "When there are three cases in three different classrooms, that school closes and its children and teachers go into isolation for two weeks;…

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