President Iohannis - message in context of occurence of coronavirus in Romania: There is no real reason for panic


gave assurances on Thursday that there is no real reason for panic in the context of the situation generated by the occurrence of coronavirus cases in Europe and a confirmed case in Romania, mentioning that the responsible institutions have taken all measures to prevent the spread of this virus in our country and limit its negative effects.

", it is normal to treat with all seriousness the situation generated by the occurrence of coronavirus cases in Europe and the confirmation of one case in Romania, but there is no real reason for panic. The infection…

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17:43, 30.04.2020 - President Klaus Iohannis had a telephone conversation with his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, on Thursday, the Presidential Administration has announced."Against the backdrop of the crisis caused by the global spread of the new coronavirus, which affects both France and Romania, President…

President Ioahnnis sends message on Ramadan: I appreciate how Muslim faithful participate in efforts to combat coronavirus

18:52, 23.04.2020 - President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday sent a message to the Muslim community in Romania on the occasion of the beginning on Monday of the Ramadan fasting month, informed the Presidential Administration. The head of the state wished the Romanian citizens of Turkish ethnicity to stay in good health…

President Iohannis says coronavirus epidemic still on rise in Romania

15:43, 23.04.2020 - President Klaus Iohannis said on Thursday that the latest data on COVID-19 cases show an upward trend in the epidemic, adding that social distancing and hygiene measures must be "religiously" observed."Unfortunately, today we have passed 10,000 people infected with COVID-19 and we have a significant…

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16:16, 06.04.2020 - President Klaus Iohannis on Monday stated that the Government will have to make a "comprehensive analysis" and reassess all expenditures and revenues, in the context in which the situation with the state budget is "complicated.""The situation is pretty serious and I need to say at least a…

President Iohannis: Cooperation of all, important to allow EU citizens to return to origin countries

16:35, 26.03.2020 - President Klaus Iohannis underscored on Thursday that the cooperation of everyone is important to be able to allow the return of European citizens to their origin countries, in the context of the coronavirus epidemic. This is one of the topics he will approach during a videoconference with European…

President Iohannis: Role of Romanian Intelligence Service, essential in context of coronavirus pandemic

16:27, 26.03.2020 - President Klaus Iohannis sent a message on Thursday on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Romanian Intelligence Service, underlining that its role in the context of the coronavirus pandemic is essential. "The 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Romanian Intelligence…

President Iohannis: Our country is confronted with the tragic situation of first deaths;condolences to the families

15:27, 23.03.2020 - President Klaus Iohannis conveyed on Monday condolences to the families of the persons who died because of the infection with the novel coronavirus. "Dear Romanians, unfortunately, the inevitable occurred and our country is confronted with the tragic situation of the first deaths in the context of…

President Klaus Iohannis say's Citi's decision proves political maturity

20:22, 12.03.2020 - President Klaus Iohannis argued on Thursday that the resignation of Florin Citu as Prime Minister-designate proves political maturity "in the complicated context" caused by the novel coronavirus. "Mr. Florin Citu tendered his resignation as Prime Minister-designate - a political gesture which I respect.…

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