PM Orban: Gov't to set conditions for 2020 First Home program

PM Orban: Gov't to set conditions for 2020 First Home program

announced on Wednesday that the Government is to issue a decision setting out the conditions for this year's "" program, for which 2 billion lei were allocated, and he categorically denied "the flat-out lie launched by the PSD []" that this program will no longer be funded.

"Desperate that they lost power after mocking the country for three years, PSD launches new lies every day. The latest lie is a dirty campaign in which the population of Romania is clearly misinformed about the '', in which the PSD is launching…

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23:00, 05.02.2020 - Parliament is dominated by ''retrograde forces'', that have trampled on democracy, but the Government is landing on its feet, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said on Wednesday, after Parliament adopted the censure motion. "A Parliament dominated by retrograde forces, (...) that has trampled on democracy,…

PM Orban to PSD: You took loans on the backs of children, grandchildren

22:40, 05.02.2020 - Prime Minister Ludovic Orban accused, on Wednesday, the Social Democratic Party (PSD) of taking out loans, while in government, "on the backs of children and grandchildren", loans that they will have to pay for. "In three years you loaned without starting any highway project, you hid them in a strategy…

Prime Minister Orban emphasized Romania's commitment in developing bilateral relations with UK post-Brexit

11:03, 30.01.2020 - Prime Minister Ludovic Orban emphasized, on Wednesday, during a meeting with representatives of the British business community in Romania, the long-term commitment of our country in the direction of developing bilateral relations, once the United Kingdom exits the European Union, on January 31, a…

PM Orban addressing PSD: You can submit 10 censure motions, you won't change our view

16:47, 29.01.2020 - Prime Minister Ludovic Orban on Wednesday said he couldn't understand the reasons for which the PSD (Social Democratic Party) wants to submit a motion of censure, and that, in his opinion, the Social Democrats don't like the system in which the mayors would be elected by 50 per cent of the votes…

Court sustains PSD objection over gov't dealing with bill on INM

15:19, 29.01.2020 - The Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) Wednesday sustained a constitutional objection filed by the Social Democratic Party (PSD) over the government dealing with a bill on the National Institute of Magistracy (INM) for which the Orban government has committed its responsibility before Parliament.…

PM Orban: Pensions must be calculated based on contributivity

20:19, 22.01.2020 - Prime Minister Ludovic Orban declared on Wednesday that PNL [National Liberal Party] had already made the political decision that pensions be calculated based on the principle of contributivity."This is the only right, correct principle, in which the person receives a pension depending on…

PM Orban says funding for political parties decreased by 30 percent

09:16, 09.01.2020 - Prime Minister Ludovic Orban stated on Wednesday that the State Budget Law introduced an amendment decreasing the funding for the political parties by 30 percent. "We don't know who gets more money, I haven't made such calculations, the most important thing is that we've decreased overall by 30 percent…

PM Orban: There is no provision in the Constitution banning the Gov't to take responsibility on Budget Law

09:19, 07.01.2020 - Prime Minister Ludovic Orban stated on Monday that there is no provision in the Constitution banning the Government to take responsibility on the Budget Law and the invocation of a judicial conflict of constitutional nature is, in his view, "a trick of the PSD [the Social Democratic Party]." "Why…

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