DSU's Raed Arafat says those who don't respect self-isolation at home - 4,000 euro fine

DSU's Raed Arafat says those who don't respect self-isolation at home - 4,000 euro fine

The persons who don't respect self-isolation at home will receive a fine worth 4,000 euro, and the fine can be enforced several time if it is established that the measure is repeatedly breached, head of the Emergency Management Department (DSU) said on Wednesday. "It was a talk about fines. The fine in euro currency is 4,000 euro. This fine, if the rule is breached several times, the person goes out and is caught several times, can be amerced several times, if necessary. there were two fines issued for two persons who said they came from Italy, from the non-risk area…

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Ministerial orders to implement alert measures worked out

17:18, 20.05.2020 - Chief emergency management official Raed Arafat said on Wednesday that ministerial orders are being drafted under which the measures in Government Decision no. 394/2020 regarding the establishment of a 30-day state of alert. "The governmental decision to declare the state of alert provides for a…

GCS: 13,055 persons in quarantine; another 15,854 in self-isolation

15:28, 17.05.2020 - A number of 13,055 are in institutionalized quarantine on Romanian territory, following the epidemic of the novel coronavirus, and another 15,854 are in self-isolation and are under medical monitoring, the Strategic Communication Group (GCS) informed on Sunday.According to the quoted source,…

GCS:Those traveling alone abroad who do not want to expose family have option of institutionalized quarantine

19:18, 16.05.2020 - The Strategic Communication Group (GCS) mentioned, on Saturday, that the option of institutionalized quarantine for persons that have traveled alone abroad and who do not want to expose their family upon returning home."According to Decision no. 24 of the CNSSU [National Committee for Special…

AG Scutea expecting huge wave of court complaints against coronavirus lockdown fines

16:17, 06.05.2020 - Attorney General Gabriela Scutea said on Wednesday that after the state of emergency ceases the judiciary will face a "huge" wave of complaints filed in court by people who were fined for violating military ordinances during the coronavirus lockdown. "Criminal penalties are separate from contravention…

PM Orban, welcoming medical staff coming back from Italy: I send them my respect and appreciation

20:17, 25.04.2020 - Prime Minister Ludovic Orban welcomed on Saturday, at the 90 Otopeni Air Base, the Romanian doctors and nurses who returned from the mission to Italy, whom he thanked and conveyed his respect and appreciation for the solidarity proven with the medical staff and patients from Italy, in the fight against…

GCS: 23,973 persons did not respect travel restrictions; fines worth 31 million lei

14:02, 28.03.2020 - Policemen have observed, since the entry into force of Military Ordinance no. 3, nearly 24,000 persons which have not respected the travel restrictions, the fines issued totaling 31 million lei, the Strategic Communication Group (GCS) informed on Saturday. According to a release of the GCS sent to…

Fines worth over 1.5 billion euros to persons who broke measure on restriction of movement

16:27, 26.03.2020 - The Police have found Wednesday as many as 5,621 persons who were not observing the measure on restriction of movement foreseen by the Military Ordinance, on Thursday announced the Romanian Police General Inspectorate (IGPR). The above mentioned were fined 7,404,297 lei (rd 1.5 billion euros).The…

Thirteen persons in close contact with COVID-19 infected man test negative

17:04, 26.02.2020 - Senior official with the Romanian Ministry of Health Nelu Tataru said on Wednesday that all the tests done to the people of Gorj who got in close contact with an Italian citizen whom the Italian authorities found to be infected with the novel coronavirus are negative. "We have the results, and I…

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