DefMin Ciuca: Black Sea region very important player in recent strategic decisions and actions

DefMin Ciuca: Black Sea region very important player in recent strategic decisions and actions

Romania is in a region that represents "a centre of gravity" when it comes to the recent strategic decisions and actions, the interim Minister of Defence, , said on Monday, at the launch of the , the October 2021 edition, conducted by the Institute of and "Ion I.C. Bratianu."

"We are in a region that, in my view, is like a centre of gravity when it comes to strategic decisions and actions of late and it has the potential to remain so in the future. For this reason, our efforts in everything we have done…

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UDMR's Klemen Hunor: We support variant with PM by rotation - Nicolae Ciuca first, then a Social Democrat

14:22, 22.11.2021 - UDMR (Democratic Union of Hungarians of Romania) supports Nicolae Ciuca as prime minister for a year and a half, after which a PSD (Social Democratic Party) representative will be appointed to lead the government, the chair of the Union, Kelemen Hunor, announced on Monday, agerpres reports. "We all…

Acting DefMin: Freedom, for which soldiers sacrificed their lives can last as long as we value it

16:01, 11.11.2021 - Freedom, in the name of the Romanian soldiers that sacrificed their lives in theaters of operation, in the last 30 years, can last only as long as valued and defended, was the message sent on Thursday by the acting Minister of Defence, Nicolae Ciuca, on the occasion of Veteran's Day, agerpres reports.…

Citu: PNL will make own proposal for prime minister

13:30, 08.11.2021 - The National Liberal Party (PNL) chairman Florin Citu said on Monday that the liberals will make their own proposal for prime minister and that the Ministry of Finance is 'crucial'. "We will have a discussion. We will see if there will be a vote. We will have a discussion, that is clear, and…

18,907,772 citizens with right to vote recorded in Electoral Register as of October 31

18:30, 01.11.2021 - 18,907,772 is the total number of citizens in Romania with the right to vote recorded in the Electoral Register as of October 31, 1,772 less than in the previous end-September info, according to the Standing Electoral Authority (AEP), agerpres reports. In a press statement released on Monday by AEP,…

146th anniversary of Queen Maria's birthday/Gheorghiu: Every Romanian looks at her with admiration, respect

13:40, 29.10.2021 - The interim Minister of Culture, Bogdan Gheorghiu, pays homage, on Friday, to the personality of the "most beloved" sovereign of Romania, Queen Maria, on the occasion of her 146th birthday anniversary, appreciating that, in his opinion, every Romanian looks at her "with admiration, pride, and respect."…

Ciuca: Romanian Army Day is celebration of all Romanians who love their country

13:30, 25.10.2021 - The Romanian Army Day is not only a holiday of the military, but also of all Romanians who love their country, said the interim Minister of Defence, Prime Minister-designate Nicolae Ciuca. "The Romanian Army Day is every year the moment when we proudly honor and respect the deeds of arms of…

Romanian tractor producer IRUM Reghin launches new generation forestry vehicle

17:46, 27.09.2021 - The Romanian tractor producer IRUM Reghin is announcing the launch of a new generation of forestry vehicle - TAF 690, informs the Association of Foresters of Romania (ASFOR), in a press release sent, on Monday, to AGERPRES. The new TAF 690, which will be officially presented on October 1,…

Prime Minister Florin Citu: Our strategic stake is to achieve 21st century education for 21st century Romania

15:35, 13.09.2021 - The stake in Education is to achieve, through the "Educated Romania" project, whose implementation will be approved by the Government this week, "the 21st century education for the 21st century Romania", Prime Minister Florin Citu said on Monday at the opening ceremony of the new school year at the…

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