President Iohannis: PNL is struggling with the internal campaign, governance does not suffer

President Iohannis: PNL is struggling with the internal campaign, governance does not suffer

PNL () is facing an internal fight for votes right now and statements of some of its leaders are part of a "sharp campaign struggle," but the governance act does not suffer, said on Wednesday.

"The fight is an internal struggle for votes in PNL and a political competition always makes all those involved look for sensational explanations. There is nothing more to it," said state of state, who is currently paying a visit to the .

Asked what he thought about the accusations the PNL leaders throw at each other, Iohannis…

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Battle flag of Tudor Vladimirescu National Military College, decorated by President Iohannis

19:15, 15.09.2021 - President Klaus Iohannis signed, on Wednesday, the decree to decorate the battle flag of the Tudor Vladimirescu National Military College. According to the Presidential Administration, on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the establishment, as sign of "high appreciation for the important…

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President Iohannis: Romania wants to expand its forested area

13:30, 04.08.2021 - Romania wants to expand its forested area, said President Klaus Iohannis on Wednesday, on the occasion of a visit he paid to the Comana Natural Park. Asked about a European initiative through which forests should be protected, an initiative that Romania initially did not support, the president…

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12:40, 04.08.2021 - President Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday he was unhappy that some reforms had not been carried out by the ruling coalition, saying it was working, but not perfectly. "Let's remember how this coalition came about and how those who are now together have positioned themselves towards each other.…

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Battle flags of Romanian units participating in Afghanistan missions, decorated by President Iohannis

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