PM Citu: Upon revision, some ministries will get additional resources proportional to deficit

PM Citu: Upon revision, some ministries will get additional resources proportional to deficit

The budgets of some ministries will get additional resources at the revision of the national budget, but proportional to a deficit of 7.16% or less, said on Monday.

"Budget implementation will indicate whether or not we need to change something in the allocation of resources for budgets in order to keep the budget deficit target at the 7.16%. This is the only role of the budget revision," Citu wrote on Facebook.

He added that, according to the report on implementation of the national budget in Q2 2021, the expenditures made during that quarter were below…

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PM Citu: Health, Development, Investment, Transport ministries get most money in budget revision

19:30, 07.09.2021 - Health, Development, Investments and Transport ministries have received the largest amounts of money in the budget revision, Prime Minister Florin Citu informed on Tuesday. "I will tell you the first four ministries that have received the most money in this budget revision: the Health, Development,…

PM Citu: Budget revision to be approved this week

18:55, 30.08.2021 - Prime Minister Florin Citu announced, on Monday, that the budget revision will be approved in another government session this week. "There will be another government sitting to approve the budget revision, this week," said Citu, when asked, at the Parliament, when the budget revision will be approved.…

Gov't deficit at 2.89% of GDP seven months into national budget implementation

17:30, 26.08.2021 - The implementation of Romania's aggregate national budget in the first seven months of 2021 ended with a government deficit of 33.97 billion lei (2.89% of GDP), down from 49.68 billion lei (4.71% of GDP) seven months into 2020, the Finance Ministry announced on Thursday, agerpres reports. "This positive…

PM Citu: Ministries not having spent required money to gurantee execution shall improve in next 6 months

15:06, 26.07.2021 - Ministries that have not spent in the first semester the money they asked for must come up with solid arguments that the budget execution shall improve in the next 6 months, Prime Minister Florin Citu said on Monday. "As promised, the budget revision starts with an assessment of the budget…

PM Citu: If we correct deficit target, it will be downwards

18:36, 14.07.2021 - Prime Minister Florin Citu states that, if it is changed, the deficit target assumed for this year will be corrected "downwards". "If we correct it, we will correct the deficit target downwards, but let's see first what the situation looks like on each ministry and then we will come with the deficit…

Prime Minister Florin Citu: We estimate ordinance on budget revision will come out on Aug 16-20

15:50, 12.07.2021 - Prime Minister Florin Citu on Monday announced that the ordinance on budget revision could be adopted between August 16-20. "We have signed the calendar for the drafting of the state budget revision. At this moment, we estimate that we are going to adopt the ordinance on the revision of the state…

Prime Minister Florin Citu: Revenues, lower than wage costs in half of territorial administrative units

12:05, 12.07.2021 - Prime Minister Florin Citu argued on Monday, at the beginning of the General Assembly of the Association of Romanian Municipalities, in favour of a spending reform at the level of territorial administrative units (UAT), mentioning that in half of the cases own revenues or even total revenues are…

Prime Minister Florin Citu congratulates Republic of Moldova citizens on pro-European path they will take

11:30, 12.07.2021 - Prime Minister Florin Citu congratulates the citizens of the Republic of Moldova on the "pro-European path they will take", after the results of the early parliamentary election on Sunday, agerpres reports. "I congratulated [President, ed. n.] Maia Sandu today [Monday, ed. n.] on the historic result…

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