Twelve Afghans hidden in two trucks discovered at PTF Nadlac II

Twelve Afghans hidden in two trucks discovered at PTF Nadlac II

Twelve citizens from Afghanistan, who were attempting to illegally cross the border to Hungary, were discovered in hiding by officers from II (PTF Nadlac II), this weekend, hidden in two trucks.

14, officers with the Nadlac II Border Crossing Point conducted a detailed search on two road trucks driven by two Bulgarian citizens. The drivers were transporting, according to the documentation accompanying freight, various goods for companies in Germany, the Oradea Territorial Inspectorate of the Border Police.

On the…

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12:40, 18.06.2021 - Police from the western Nadlad Border, Nadlac II and Varsand have spotted 14 foreign citizens from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, who were trying to illegally cross the border to Hungary, being hidden in the trunk of a car, and in freight trucks, respectively. According to a press…

Ten migrants attempt to cross border into Hungary hiding in truck, walking

13:00, 15.06.2021 - Ten migrants have been caught in the last 24 hours by the Arad border police as they tried to cross the border illegally into Hungary, hiding in a truck or walking in the field. According to a press release sent on Tuesday by the Arad Border Police, a truck driven by a Bulgarian carrying furniture…

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13:15, 14.06.2021 - Arad border police this weekend caught 21 migrants from Syria, Iran, Afghanistan and Algeria attempting to illegally cross the border into Hungary, either by hiding in trucks loaded with goods or on foot, a release informs. At the Nadlac II Border Crossing Point (PTF), authorities found during customs…

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Six young migrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan found hidden in a truck at border with Hungary

14:16, 24.05.2021 - Six young migrants from Afghanistan and Pakistan were found at the Nadlac II Border Crossing Point, hiding in a truck leaving the country to go to Poland, agerpres reports. The driver, a Romanian citizen, was transporting, according to the documents accompanying the goods, aluminum rollers on the…

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17:05, 14.05.2021 - 30 containers that arrived from Germany carrying waste, for the same company in southeastern Prahova County, were discovered in the past two days in the Constanta Sud Agigea Harbor. "In the 12.05 - 13.05.2021 period, border policemen, in cooperation with workers from the Constanta Environment…

62 foreign nationals hidden in trucks, found in Bors and Nadlac Border Crossing Points

12:40, 22.04.2021 - Police officers with the Bors, Nadlac and Nadlac II Border Crossing Points caught 62 foreign citizens hidden in trucks that were trying to illegally cross the border into Hungary, in the last 24 hours. The border police officers at the Bors Border Crossing Point, on Wednesday, at around 19:20,…

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12:40, 15.04.2021 - Border police at the Varsand and Nadlac II Border Checkpoints - Arad County, found on Wednesday 23 citizens from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Ethiopia who tried to cross the border illegally to Hungary, hidden in trucks. On April 14, at the Varsand Border Checkpoint, following the detailed control of…

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