#PresidentialElections2019 /Paleologu argues electoral debate jammed by gov't crisis, situation to Dancila's advantage

#PresidentialElections2019 /Paleologu argues electoral debate jammed by gov't crisis, situation to Dancila's advantage

The candidate of the People's (PMP) in the presidential election, , believes that the electoral debate is jammed by the government crisis which, in his opinion, exonerates and from "explaining what they've done."  "Everybody speaks of the government crisis, when in fact they should talk of the presidential elections. In fact, the debate for the next five years is jammed by the government crisis. Everybody is wondering if Orban will obtain the vote in Parliament, who's in, who's out of governing, things of this sort. All sort of…

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#2019PresidentialElection/ Dancila: We are heading towards monopoly of power that Iohannis desires

20:17, 14.11.2019 - The candidate of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) in the presidential elections, Viorica Dancila, claimed on Thursday that the president, Klaus Iohannis, desires "a monopoly of power", is a "dictator" president, who wants to lead the Government and Parliament and who threatens his opponents with…

#2019PresidentialElection/ INTERVIEW Theodor Paleologu: Debate on next five years - jammed by government crisis

13:38, 24.10.2019 - Romania needs a diplomat to restore its international prestige and to create consensus within the society, says Theodor Paleologu, the People's Movement Party (PMP) candidate for presidential elections, in an interview with AGERPRES.  He criticizes the fact that the electoral debate on the candidates'…

Official start of presidential election campaign

12:56, 12.10.2019 - The campaign for the November 10 presidential election has officially started on Saturday at midnight and will end on November 9, at 7:00 hrs. The 14 candidates for the country's top job in the order they appear on the ballot paper - determined by draw - is as follows: Klaus Iohannis - backed by…

PMP's Tomac: A PMP senator will come by ambulance to vote in censure motion

11:25, 10.10.2019 - The chairman of the People's Movement Party (PMP), Eugen Tomac, announced, on Thursday, before the debate of the censure motion, that all PMP MPs are present and will vote in favor of the motion, claiming that senator Vasile Cristian Lungu, who was scheduled for surgery, will come by ambulance in…

Fourteen presidential bids officially final

19:53, 27.09.2019 - The Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) on Friday reported that 14 presidential bids and electoral logos submitted by political parties, electoral alliances, citizens' organisations belonging to national minorities and independent candidates are now final. According to BEC, the final candidates in the…

PMP MPs sign censure motion, on condition of establishment of Ministry for R. Moldova relations

12:47, 23.09.2019 - The chairman of the People's Movement Party (PMP), Eugen Tomac, stated on Monday that all the PMP senators and deputies signed the censure motion, mentioning that support for the future government is conditioned by the establishment of a ministry for the Relation with the Republic of Moldova.  "I…

Opposition presidential candidate Paleologu says he wants dialogue with each candidate

20:32, 29.08.2019 - Theodor Paleologu, the presidential candidate of the opposition People's Movement Party (PMP) said on Thursday that he wants to challenge each presidential candidate, the important ones, mentioning that Viorica Dancila and Klaus Iohannis will not accept it because they hold important positions and…

PMP's Tomac: Rejection by Klaus Iohannis of government reshuffle was predictable and necessary

09:06, 29.08.2019 - The chairman of the People's Movement Party (PMP), Eugen Tomac, believes that the rejection by Klaus Iohannis of the government reshuffle was "predictable and, in equal measure, necessary" and that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) "has no sort of legitimacy at all".  "Viorica Dancila will be, anyway,…

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