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President Iohannis' decision to withdraw candidacy, example of commitment to ensure NATO unity

President Iohannis' decision to withdraw candidacy, example of commitment to ensure NATO unity

The US Embassy conveys that the decision of to withdraw his candidacy for the position of of NATO is an example of his commitment to ensure unity and consensus within the .

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NATO75/Romania's President Iohannis signs security cooperation agreement with Ukraine

20:01, 11.07.2024 - AGERPRES special correspondent to Washington DC, the U.S., Florin Stefan reports:Romania's President Klaus Iohannis and the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, signed on Thursday, in Washington DC, a bilateral security cooperation agreement between the two countries.

President Iohannis: The drugs problem keeps getting bigger - we need correct measures

21:05, 10.07.2024 - The number of people using drugs "has been growing," and the measures in this regard "must be correct," President Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday.The head of state participates in the NATO Anniversary Summit in Washington D.C.

President Iohannis says security policy remains stable, regardless of changes in states governments

19:05, 11.06.2024 - AGERPRES special correspondent Catalin Alexandru reports: President Klaus Iohannis said on Tuesday that there have always been changes in the governments of NATO states, but security policy has been and will remain stable, in the context of the political situation in France and the score obtained by…

President Iohannis promulgates law on research, development, innovation workers

20:10, 10.06.2024 - President Klaus Iohannis on Monday signed a decree promulgating a law on research, development and innovation workers.On May 14, the Chamber of Deputies, the decision-making body in this case, passed a bill on research, development and innovation workers 184 to 39 and 34 abstentions.

President Iohannis: I invite you all to come to vote, this is extremely important

09:51, 09.06.2024 - President Klaus Iohannis on Sunday invited all Romanians to show up to vote, as he pointed out this is a very important day."I have voted and I invite all of you to come to vote. It is extremely important that you do that," said the head of state.

President Iohannis discusses NATO candidacy with President Biden, dialogue set to continue

10:45, 08.05.2024 - President Klaus Iohannis said on Tuesday that during his meeting at the White House with president Joe Biden, he also addressed the issue of his candidacy for the leadership of the North Atlantic Alliance.

President Iohannis, Turkish VP Yilmaz address Middle East situation, bilateral economic cooperation

21:45, 26.04.2024 - President Klaus Iohannis on Friday evening received the Vice-President of the Republic of Turkey, Cevdet Yilmaz, who was on an official visit to Romania, in which context the two discussed the situation in the Middle East, the Presidential Administration informs in a press release sent to AGERPRES.

President Iohannis stresses in South Korea that Romania is interested in collaborations for implementation of SMR technology

15:21, 24.04.2024 - AGERPRES special correspondent Oana Ghita reports: President Klaus Iohannis visited the Doosan Enerbility industrial complex in Changwon, Republic of Korea, on Wednesday, where he said that our country is very interested in working with international partners in the development and implementation of…

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