PM Citu: Only vaccination will rid us of pandemic, no other measure will save us


highlighted on Tuesday the importance of the anti-COVID-19 vaccination, showing that this is the only way in which we can get rid of the pandemic.

"From my point of view, the fourth wave cannot be justified as long as we have a vaccine and all we need is to get vaccinated. It is important for all of us to send this message and here I am appealing to all political leaders from the opposition or in power, towards the entire society, to take on this message of vaccination. Only if we get vaccinated will we be rid of the pandemic. (...) It is still very important

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PSD's Ciolacu disapproves of compulsory vaccination, as right to life, precedence over all other rights

19:10, 30.11.2021 - Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Marcel Ciolacu, stated on Tuesday that he does not "at all" approve of compulsory vaccination, emphasizing that the right to life "takes precedence" over all other rights. "I do not force anyone and I do…

PM Citu: We wouldn't need additional ICU beds if people got vaccinated

15:25, 11.10.2021 - The chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL), interim Prime Minister Florin Citu, stated on Monday that the number of beds in ICU can be raised, yet he emphasized that the solution to the pandemic remains COVID vaccination. "It's important that everyone be responsible for the decision…

Word Education Day/PM Citu: It's importanrt for students to go to school, be close to their colleagues, teachers

15:55, 05.10.2021 - Prime Minister Florin Citu underscored on Tuesday, on the occasion of the World Education Day, that it is very important for students to go to school to be close to colleagues and teachers, adding that the lesson that can be learned during this period is that health is "the most important." "I…

Government will allocate funds for medicine, preparation of ICU beds for COVID-19 pandemic

20:30, 28.09.2021 - The Government will allocate, during Wednesday's session, the sum of 460 million lei from the Reserve Fund for expenses with medicine and preparation of the necessary ICU beds to managing the COVID-19 pandemic, Prime Minister Florin Citu announced. He presented this project within the PNL…

PM Citu: Lockdown didn't help at all, only delayed; vaccination - sole solution

15:45, 21.09.2021 - The lockdown didn't help at all, only delayed things, believes Prime Minister Florin Citu, who says that the best solution to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic is vaccination. "What I want to see is increase in vaccination, because it's the only solution by which we can overcome the pandemic. Lockdown…

PM Citu: I will request investigation, analysis, I want to know how fourth pandemic wave was prepared

15:40, 21.09.2021 - Prime Minister Florin Citu announced on Tuesday that he will ask for an investigation, as quickly as possible, regarding the way the Ministry of Health prepared the fourth wave of the pandemic. "I will request an investigation, an analysis, because I want to know how the fourth wave was prepared.…

PM Citu: We need predictable formula for minimum salary

18:10, 07.09.2021 - Prime Minister Florin Citu said it was very important to him to find a "predictable" formula for the minimum salary, to also be applied in the future, and also that there is a need for a dynamics to take into account economic growth, the needs of Romanians and perspectives. The head of the…

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