ParliamentaryElection2020/Orban: December 6 ballot decisive for Romania, PSD's attempts to postpone it are in vain

ParliamentaryElection2020/Orban: December 6 ballot decisive for Romania, PSD's attempts to postpone it are in vain

Chairman of the (PNL), declared on Tuesday that the December 6 general election is decisive for Romania and that the 's (PSD) efforts to postpone the ballot are in vain, as the Liberals will use all the legal and constitutional weapons against this attempt, according to AGERPRES.

" 2019 the Romanians have clearly shown that they no longer want PSD, that they are fed up with a party that treads on the rights and freedoms of the people, a party that attempted to hijack Romania and did nothing but serve the…

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13:30, 04.01.2021 - Social Democratic Party (PSD) chairman Marcel Ciolacu claims that, in the first week of government, the new power has already "fooled Romanians five times," and after the elections, everything that was promised became "aggression", according to AGERPRES. "In the first week of government, the…

Marcel Ciolacu: No position in Parliament to be held by PSD leaders

18:25, 17.12.2020 - The National Political Council of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) decided on Thursday that no position in Parliament will be held by any member of the party leadership or by any organisation chairman, Social Democrat leader Marcel Ciolacu announced. "I witnessed, together with all Romanians,…

ParliamentaryElections2020/ Marcel Ciolacu rules out possibility of PSD-PNL government; waiting for Orban to resign

23:55, 06.12.2020 - Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Marcel Ciolacu ruled out the possibility of forming a PSD-PNL (National Liberal Party) government, adding that he is "waiting for Ludovic Orban to resign" as prime minister, because "Romanians have requested this by vote". Asked on private broadcaster…

Ludovic Orban: In democracy, winner party gives the Premier, PSD to stay out of power

19:10, 29.11.2020 - The president of the PNL (National Liberal Party, ed. n.), Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, said in an interview with AGERPRES that in democracy the prime minister is given by the winning party, saying that the PSD (Social Democratic Party, ed. n.) is the only formation with which the Liberals have…

ParliamentaryElections2020/PM Orban: Governing programme prepared by 472 experts

21:41, 19.11.2020 - PNL (National Liberal Party) leader and Prime Minister Ludovic Orban on Thursday stated that the governing programme for the 2021-2024 period was carried out by 472 experts - members or sympathizers - and that the Liberals will "repair the state." "December 6 represents a moment of reference in the…

PSD's Ciolacu: Let the Romanians vote as if their health depended on this

19:45, 10.11.2020 - Speaking today at the launch event of the Social Democratic Party's (PSD) governing program, party Chairman Marcel Ciolacu said that the Romanians must vote in the December 6 parliamentary election as if their health depended on this and that they must vote to "take their lives back.""Never…

PSD votes for reopening markets while Liberals abstain from voting

15:50, 10.11.2020 - Social Democratic Party (PSD) First Vice Chairman Sorin Grindeanu said on Tuesday that the Liberals abstained from voting in Parliament on the amendment to reopen markets because they do not care about Romanians, according to AGERPRES."The Orban Government's image of powerlessness! The incompetence…

Social-Democrat leader Ciolacu challenges PNL experts to Covid debate with PSD pundits

18:30, 28.10.2020 - Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Marcel Ciolacu suggested on Wednesday a debate between the Social-Democrat and National Liberal Party's experts on ways to fight the COVID-19 pandemic."The health and safety of the Romanians are paramount. Nothing is more important than that. All…

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