Iohannis, on minority Gov't supported by PSD: We must get to work with those who want to be with us

Iohannis, on minority Gov't supported by PSD: We must get to work with those who want to be with us

was asked if the future minority Government has chances to last until 2024 and to complete reforms if supported by the (PSD), a party accused countless times of blocking reform, agerpres reports. "Now we must get to work. And we must get to work with the people who want to be with us. Where else to seek majorities if not in the ? Somebody has to govern and somebody has to support the Government through majorities. This is the political calculation and it's a calculation I made for Romania and for Romanians and that's what will happen.…

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PSD's Firea: We need protection for all those facing domestic violence

10:00, 25.11.2021 - PSD (Social Democratic Party) Senator Gabriela Firea, nominated for the office of Minister of Family in the PNL-PSD-UDMR (National Liberal Party, Social Democratic Party, Democratic Union of Hungarians of Romania) Government, stated on Thursday that in Romania there is a need for protection for all…

PSD to take up mandate if asked to form gov't without majority

16:10, 01.11.2021 - First Deputy Chairman of the opposition Social Democratic Party (PSD) Sorin Grindeanu said on Monday - when asked if PSD would take up the prime minister's position if President Iohannis handed it to him without the party asking for it or having a parliamentary majority - that he would do so.…

Ciolacu: The solution of a minority government is a very big mistake; we cannot support it

11:45, 29.10.2021 - Social Democratic Party (PSD) Chairman Marcel Ciolacu said on Friday that the solution of a minority government is a "very big mistake," and the social democrats cannot support such a thing, agerpres reports. "I don't know what the liberals have decided and I am not particularly interested. Instead,…

PNL's Citu on Ciolacu's appeal: It's PSD's first step to backing minority gov't

15:15, 28.10.2021 - National Liberal Party (PNL) chairman Florin Citu said on Thursday, regarding the appeal made by the Social Democratic Party (PSD) leader Marcel Ciolacu to solve the political crisis, that this represents the first step PSD is taking in supporting a minority government, agerpres reports. "I think…

PNL: Those who ousted Gov't should find best solutions and install it

16:00, 12.10.2021 - National Liberal Party (PNL) deputy Florin Roman stated, on Tuesday, that the parties that ousted the Government are those that should find "the best solution" to install a new Cabinet. "The line [of the PNL] is the one announced by the party chairman. We've announced the designated Prime…

AUR not contemplating governing alliance with PSD

17:30, 06.10.2021 - The opposition Alliance for the Unity of Romanians (AUR) will participate in consultations with President Iohannis, but it is not contemplating an alliance for government with the opposition Social Democratic Party (PSD), just having talks with PSD national chairman Marcel Ciolacu on a good formula…

SocDem's Ciolacu: I don't believe Romanians' priority now is suspension of President

08:50, 06.10.2021 - The chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Marcel Ciolacu, stated, on Tuesday evening, that the suspension of President Klaus Iohannis does not represent a priority for Romania, especially in the conditions of a precarious majority in Parliament. Ciolacu stated that the suspension…

PM Citu on USR PLUS elections: voters penalized those who withdrew party from government team

19:10, 23.09.2021 - Prime Minister Florin Citu commented, on Thursday, in Ramnicu Valcea, the result of the USR PLUS (Save Romania Union, Freedom, Unity, Solidarity Party) elections, stating that it was a "penalty" given for those who removed this party from government, agerpres reports. "As far as the USR PLUS elections…

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