HealthMin Tataru: There is no need of lockdown right now; each county committee adjusts its measures

HealthMin Tataru: There is no need of lockdown right now; each county committee adjusts its measures

stated in Cluj on Wednesday that no additional measures are required for the time being regarding the incidence of COVID-19 and that each county committee for emergency situations will take the necessary measures depending on the incidence of infections on local level. "This is not necessary [the total lockdown - editor's note]. As you probably know, we adjust the restrictions and measures on local level. Each county emergency committee adjusts its measures according to the figures it receives from the public health directorate (DSP), every other 24 hours, and the…

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Orban: No talk about state of emergency, necessary tools provided by state of alert

08:30, 19.11.2020 - Currently there are no discussions about the introduction of the state of emergency, and the state of alert provides the necessary tools for the authorities to keep the pandemic under control, Prime minister Ludovic Orban said on Wednesday night for private Romania TV broadcaster, according to AGERPRES.…

Iohannis says no official talks currently of lockdown in Romania

20:10, 21.10.2020 - President Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace that for the time being there is no discussion at the level of the national leadership about locking Romania down. "For the time being, we are not talking at the national leadership level about a so-called lockdown, that…

Deputies reject GEO on modification of law regarding measures to protect national interest in economy

13:15, 14.10.2020 - The Chamber of Deputies' plenary sitting on Wednesday approved the draft law on the rejection of the Government Emergency Ordinance no.166/2020 that modifies Law no.173/2020 on some measures meant to protect national interests in the economy, according to AGERPRES.There were 152 votes cast…

HealthMin Tataru says locking down Bucharest City not considered yet

19:20, 11.10.2020 - Health Minister Nelu Tataru told a news conference in Iasi on Sunday that for the time being locking down Bucharest City is not being considered. "As you know, the freedom of decision according to certain values lies with the county committees [on emergency management] or the Bucharest Committee…

HealthMin Tataru: Cross-evaluations to be conducted in hospitals, health directorates

16:25, 07.10.2020 - Health Minister Nelu Tataru said on Wednesday that in the period immediately ahead cross-evaluations will be conducted in hospitals and public health directorates to find out if the healthcare providers are capable of operating, according to Agerpres."In the period immediately ahead, there…

HealthMin Tataru: We still have 4,000 doses of Remdesivir in stock

10:00, 07.10.2020 - Health Minister Nelu Tataru said on Tuesday that there are still 4,000 doses of the antiviral drug Remdesivir in stock, but that this is not a panacea, given that there is no specific treatment for the novel coronavirus, according to Agerpres."Since early July we have used 11,820 Remdesivir…

HealthMin Tataru says intensive care beds in Bucharest still available, but peak likely

20:10, 06.10.2020 - Health Minister Nelu Tataru said on Tuesday that there are intensive care beds still available in Bucharest City, but full use is likely. "At the moment there are beds, but there are maximum capacities that can be reached if we fail to manage intensive care well. That means that everything that means…

HealthMin Tataru: State of emergency, not necessary; to observe rules to limit progressive increase in COVID-19 cases

15:00, 02.10.2020 - Health Minister Nelu Tataru said on Friday that for the moment the state of emergency establishment is not required, but the observance of the sanitary protection rules to limit the progressive increase in the number of cases of infection with the novel coronavirus."The state of emergency,…

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