Cigarette smuggling up to 8.3 pct in September (Novel Research)

Cigarette smuggling up to 8.3 pct in September (Novel Research)

The cigarettes black market increased in Romania by 0.6 percentage points compared to July, to 8.3 pct of total consumption, according to data published by on Sunday.

"In September 2021, the black market has remained relatively constant in most regions of the country. The largest increase in illegal trade in cigarettes was recorded in the northeast (5.5 p.p. compared to July 2021, to 25.7p.p.), the region continuing to be the most affected by smuggling. An increase of 2.1 p.p. up to 5.3 p.p. is also recorded in Bucharest. In the southern region, illegal trade

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Online trade market to increase by 15 pct this year, to 18.4 billion RON (survey)

11:10, 05.11.2021 - The local online trade market will reach the value of 18.4 billion RON, in 2021, up by 15 pct over the previous year, when income exceeded 16 billion RON, reveals a study published on Friday by, a platform offering real-time data on financial and legal data of companies in Romania.

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