Acting PM Orban says Parliament may amend early election ordinance

Acting PM Orban says Parliament may amend early election ordinance

Acting Prime Minister Ludovic Orban of the (PNL) said on Monday that Parliament could amend the government emergency ordinance regarding early elections and explained that the provision by which the voter can exercise his or her right to vote in another electoral district than the one allowed by domicile was introduced to increase the voter turnout. "In the electoral legislation regarding the parliamentary elections the instance of early elections was not provided for. (...) Along with the ordinance, we have done some things which, in my opinion, are normal and natural…

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President Iohannis says chance of early elections just dropped below 50pct

19:19, 24.02.2020 - President Klaus Iohannis has stated on Monday that the chances of organising early elections have just dropped below 50 percent. The head of state was asked what are the odds for the organisation of early elections in the context of the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) decision, which established…

President Iohannis to meet several Liberal; strategy regarding early elections on agenda of talks (sources)

13:40, 19.02.2020 - President Klaus Iohannis would have a meeting on Wednesday with several Liberals, with the National Liberal Party (PNL) strategy for early elections as the topic of discussions, according to some sources in the party. The meeting would take place around 17:00hrs, at a protocol villa. The ministers…

PM-designate Orban: We don't take into account scenario in which we don't reach early election

16:08, 10.02.2020 - The National Liberal Party (PNL) doesn't take into account a scenario in which early elections aren't reached, Chairman of the party and Prime Minister-designate Ludovic Orban has stated on Monday, mentioning that the discussions with the parliamentary formations will be continued in order to get…

Gov't official Danca: OUG regarding organisation of early parliamentary elections was adopted

09:10, 05.02.2020 - The Government adopted the Emergency Ordinance (OUG) regarding the organisation of early parliamentary elections, a normative act which stipulates, among others, three days of voting in the Diaspora and the possibility to vote at any polling station."The emergency ordinance for the organisation…

PM Orban: Our aim is for county council presidents to be elected by county councilors

17:19, 20.01.2020 - The Executive Bureau of the National Liberal Party (PNL) discussed, on Monday, a draft law aimed at the election of county council presidents by county councilors and not by citizens, as it is currently the case."We want the removal of this bill from the Election Code Committee, in which the…

Pro Romania's Ponta: Pro Romania doesn't oppose early elections, however, we won't help them

17:42, 13.01.2020 - Chairman of the Pro Romania Victor Ponta has stated on Monday that his political formation doesn't oppose the organisation of early elections, however it doesn't support this demarche and it won't help the Liberals (the National Liberal Party). "If they want to organise early elections Pro Romania…

PNL MPs early election plan excludes PM Orban resigning

16:19, 13.01.2020 - National Liberal Party (PNL) floor leader in the Chamber of Deputies Florin Roman said on Monday that PNL's plan to set the early elections into motion excludes the option of Prime Minister Ludovic Orban stepping down from office. "The prime minister has no reason to resign. Our plan excludes such…

PSD: PNL's intention regarding snap elections, biggest electoral farce

17:19, 09.01.2020 - The Social Democrats (PSD) claim that snap elections represent "the biggest electoral farce, by which the PNL [National Liberal Party] is trying to avoid the consequences of annulling the pension and wage increases.""The PNL's intention to call for snap elections before the date of September…

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