12:51, 16.10.2020

MApN: Mission of Romanian troops in Mali comes to and end

MApN: Mission of Romanian troops in Mali comes to and end

Romania's mission with the United Nations Organisation (UN), under which our country contributed to the international peace-keeping efforts as part of the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization…

22:25, 29.07.2020

President Iohannis: US soldiers are always very much welcome in Romania

President Klaus Iohannis on Wednesday stated that the US soldiers are always "very much welcome" in Romania and that the global movement of troops of the US is meant to support allies on the Eastern Flank of NATO.…

22:52, 08.05.2020

ForMin Aurescu evokes Romanian troops' contribution to victory against Nazism in UN Security Council High-Level Meeting

Foreign Affairs Minister Bogdan Aurescu participated on Friday in the UN Security Council's High-Level Meeting on the '75th Anniversary of the End of World War II in Europe; lessons for the prevention of international…

09:58, 22.01.2020

President Iohannis: It's important to launch programmes dedicated to our troops returning from theatres of operations

President Klaus Iohannis on Tuesday sent a message to the Gala of War veterans saying that many of our soldiers who returned from the theatres of operations are facing "obstacles," and that it's important to launch…

10:15, 17.01.2020

Twelve monuments unveiled in 2019 in memory of Romanian troops dead in NKVD labour camps, special hospitals

Twelve monuments placed in cemeteries positioned near former NKVD camps and special hospitals where thousands of Romanian troops are buried, were unveiled and sanctified in 2019, as a result of the steps taken…

21:07, 07.01.2020

Defense Ministry: All Romanian troops on mission to Iraq temporarily relocated to another NATO base

The Ministry of National Defense has taken the necessary steps to interrupt the training and advisory missions carried out by the Romanian troops deployed to Iraq, following the decision taken at the North Atlantic…

15:05, 24.12.2019

DefMin Ciuca thanks entire Defence Ministry staff, troops for way they accomplish missions

The minister of National Defence, Nicolae Ionel Ciuca on Tuesday in a Christmas message thanked all the Romanian military in missions abroad and countrywide, alongside the National Defence Ministry (MApN) uniform…

14:17, 18.12.2019

DefMin Ciuca, IntMin Vela visit Romanian troops in Afghanistan

Defence Minister Nicolae Ciuca, Interior Minister Marcel Vela, and Chief of Defence Staff, Lieutenant General Daniel Petrescu, went to Afghanistan on Tuesday to meet with the Romanian troops.  "We really wanted…

19:02, 26.11.2019

President Klaus Iohannis offers his French counterpart condolences on death of French troops in Mali

President Klaus Iohannis sent on Tuesday his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron a condolence message on the death of thirteen French soldiers in the accidental collision of two helicopters during an anti-jihadist…

17:14, 17.11.2019

Ambassadors attend ceremony of commemoration of Bulgarian, French, German fallen troops, civlians in WWI

The troops who have fallen in the World War I, alongside the civilian victims of war and violence were commemorated on Sunday in Bucharest by the ambassadors of Bulgaria, Todor Churov, Germany, Cord Meier-Klodt…

13:18, 11.11.2019

President Iohannis hails Romanian troops as genuine ambassadors of Romania

President Klaus Iohannis sent a message on November 11, War Zone Veterans Day, in which he hails the country's troops participating in foreign missions as genuine ambassadors of Romania.  "The celebration of War…

08:44, 07.10.2019

Some 500 troops in CONCORD 19 interinstitutional exercise

Approximately 500 troops from the Ministry of National Defence (MApN), the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI), the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), the Protection and Guard Service (SPP) and the Special Telecommunications…

13:41, 19.09.2019

Constanta: The Navy carries out real firearm training as part of TOMIS 19.11.II exercise

Approximately 500 troops, six military ships and one helicopter carry out training activities over September 17-20 in the shooting ranges alongside the air forces within the TIMIS 19.11.II exercise, informs a press…

13:56, 25.07.2019

EconMin Badalau: We have the capacity to ensure modern weapons for the Romanian Army

The Ministry of Economy has the capacity of endowing the Romanian Army with modern weaponry, so that the Romanian troops will be able to deal with the challenges they face in the theaters of operations, Minister…

16:44, 03.06.2019

Saber Guardian 2019 grand opening ceremony, involving 2,000 troops, military hardware, fighter planes

The Saber Guardian 2019 (SG19) multinational exercise that opened on Monday in five Romanian locations and that will see the participation of 13,500 Romanian and foreign troops, was given a grand opening ceremony…

13:17, 10.05.2019

Royalty Day/Military ceremony, wreath laying at King Carol I's statue in Royal Palace Square

Romanian Crown Custodian Margareta and Prince Radu on Friday laid a wreath on the Royalty Day at the statue of King Carol I in the Square of the Royal Palace.  Three other wreaths in red, yellow and blue were laid…

13:45, 29.04.2019

President Klaus Iohannis - message on War Veterans Day: I assure you of my appreciation and respect

President Klaus Iohannis in a message sent on the War Veterans Day said he appreciated the devotion and abnegation of those who fought under the national flag. "The devotion and abnegation of our troops who served…

13:56, 05.12.2018

Digisport: n urmă cu două luni recunoștea că leucemia s-a ntors. Decizia luată acum e inexplicabilă

Roman Reigns (33 de ani) ar fi decis să revină în ring la mai puțin de două luni după ce a declarat că se luptă, pentru a doua oară în viața sa, cu leucemia. Reigns, pe numele său adevărat Leati Joseph "Joe" Anoa,…

17:34, 08.11.2018

Canadian Minister of Defence to pay visit to 57th Air Base Mihail Kogalniceanu

The Romanian and Canadian Ministers of Defence, Mihai Fifor and Harjit Singh Sajjan, on Friday will pay a visit to the 57th Air Base Mihail Kogalniceanu, on which occasion they will meet with the troops of the…

13:29, 25.10.2018

DefMin Fifor: After 1990, Romanian Army lost 29 troops in operation theaters

Minister of National Defence Mihai Fifor said on Thursday, after attending the military and religious ceremony organized at the Monument in Paulis (western Arad County, ed. n.) on the occasion of the Romanian Army…

18:45, 22.10.2018

Mures Prefect Dusa: 'An initiative of troops injured in theatres of operations Invictus became a mass phenomenon'

The Invictus relay race carried out by the troops of the 72nd CBRN Defence Battalion "Negru Voda" from Sighisoara on Monday was welcomed in Targu Mures by numerous volunteers, including officials, with the Mures…

13:53, 27.06.2018

CSAT approves troops for mission overseas in 2019: by 305 troops more than in 2018

The members of the Supreme Council for National Defense (CSAT) approved on Wednesday, at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace, the Romanian troops that can be made available for participation in missions and operations…

17:35, 22.06.2018

MApN: Members of US Land Forces arrive in Romania

Troops, equipment and vehicles of the 2nd Battalion of the 5th Cavalry Regiment belonging to the "IRONHORSE" Combat Unit of the 1st Armored Brigade of the 1st Chavalry Division of the United States of America started…

21:18, 24.04.2018

Four British Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft touchdown at Kogalniceanu base for air police mission

Four British Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft touched down at the Mihail Kogalniceanu air defence base, in Constanta County, ready to participate in an air police mission on NATO's eastern flank, according to a press…

19:35, 09.02.2018

One hundred Romanian troops to participate in Platinum Eagle 18.1 exercise

One hundred Romanian troops will train February 12 through 16 together with approximately 200 peer servicemen from Bulgaria, Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and the U.S. at the training center of the Romanian…

23:09, 29.12.2017

DefMin Fifor visits Romanian troops deployed in Afghanistan

The National Defence Minister Mihai Fifor paid a visit from 27 to 29 December to the Military Air Base in Kandahar, Afghanistan, where he met with the Romanian troops there.  The Romanian minister, alongside the…

16:54, 14.09.2017

Troops of 228th 'Piatra Craiului' Air Defence Battalion depart for mission to Poland

The 120 troops of the Brasov-based 228th 'Piatra Craiului' Air Defence Battalion who will be deployed to Poland between September 2017 - March 2018 participated on Thursday in the departure ceremony held at the…

14:47, 26.05.2017

Some 4,000 Romanian, NATO-allied troops at Noble Jump multinational exercise

Approximately 4,000 Romanian and NATO-allied troops participate with 500 pieces of equipment in the "Noble Jump" 2017 (NOJP17) multinational exercise running between May 26 and June 16 on the territory of Greece,…

15:28, 28.11.2016

Supreme Council for National Defence to discuss relation with R.Moldova and troops deplyment plan

Romania's Supreme Council for National Defence (CSAT) will meet on Tuesday, the meeting agenda including topics related to the medium and long-term action strategy concerning Romania's relation with the Republic…

23:27, 04.08.2016

Chief of Staff Scarlat: Very important for Romanian troops to train with NATO partners

Chief of Romania's Land Forces Staff Dumitru Scarlat said Thursday at the Cincu shooting range at the end of a Saber Guardian-16 military exercise that it is very important for Romanian troops to train together…

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