21:46, 02.03.2020

CNIPMMR proposes pensions smaller than 800 lei increase, those over 5,000 lei capped

CNIPMMR representatives propose a 40 pct increase of pensions between 500 and 800 lei, which represents a budget effort of 1.3 billion euro annually, that may be supported, given the annual economic growth, while…

17:31, 18.02.2020

System of duties and taxes and labour force facilities, topics discussed with IMF delegation

The system of duties and taxes for Small and Medium-sized Private Enterprises (SMEs) and companies investing in Romania, but also the facilities offered by the Romanian state to the labour force in different fields…

22:07, 17.02.2020

Small businesses' umbrella organisation opposes differentiated national minimum wage

The National Council of Small and Medium-sized Private Enterprises (CNIPMMR) does not support the differentiation of the national minimum wage and calls on the Chamber of Deputies, as the decision-making body,…

12:46, 04.12.2019

Head of small businesses' umbrella organisation, Florin Jianu, elected SMEunited vice-president

President of the National Council for Small and Medium-sized Private Enterprises (CNIPMMR), Florin Jianu, was elected on Tuesday vice-president of SMEunited, the association of crafts and SMEs in Europe, CNIPMMR…

17:22, 01.10.2019

71 percent of entrepreneurs do not support reintroduction of criminal liability for non-payment of taxes

Nearly three-quarters of Romanian entrepreneurs argue that they are against reintroducing criminal liability for the non-payment of taxes and contributions, according to a survey conducted by The National Council…

17:27, 05.03.2019

Small businesses' umbrella organisation launches app that lets entrepreneurs voice opinion on legislative initiatives

The National Council for Small and Medium-sized Private Enterprises (CNIPMMR) launched the "Test IMM" app that lets entrepreneurs share their opinion about legislative initiatives and show the authorities how they…

17:06, 11.02.2019

Head of small businesses' umbrella organisation: 2019 state budget fragile, built on chimerical commitment appropriations

This year's state budget is fragile and unbalanced, since it relies on commitment appropriations which are actually chimeras and mean rolling over payments from one year to another, Florin Jianu, president of Romania's…

18:25, 20.09.2018

Diaspora ReSTART: 60 people receive funding for entrepreneurial activity in Romania

Romanians from Diaspora are increasingly interested in carrying out entrepreneurial activities in the country, and as many as 149 people have entered the race for obtaining funding within the "Diaspora ReSTART"…

16:32, 30.10.2017

Head of small businesses' umbrella organisation says 1 pct microenterprise tax neutral till impact is assesed

The measure to tax microenterprises 1 percent of turnover is neutral for the time being, because one doesn't yet know on how many companies this will have a positive impact and on how many a negative one, president…

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