18:02, 09.10.2019

HealthMin Pintea: We will continue the "undercover patients" method in hospitals

Health Minister Sorina Pintea stated on Tuesday in Timisoara that the "undercover patients" method would be further used in hospitals, in order to discover any kind of irregularities, not just the possible cases…

17:27, 12.09.2019

HealthMin Pintea: In the past two months, a lot of feedback came from EU regarding projects filed by MS

Healthcare Minister Sorina Pintea stated on Thursday that in the past two months she received favourable reactions from the European Union regarding some projects filed by the ministry she leads."In the past two…

17:35, 22.07.2019

HealthMin Pintea: CNAS' bureaucratic procedures block normal functioning of health insurance card computer system

Minister of Health Sorina Pintea stated on Monday that in the past few years, the National Health Insurance House (CNAS), "by using disproportionate bureaucratic procedures", has blocked the normal functioning…

18:23, 19.07.2019

HealthMin Pintea: Pay to public healthcare staff, decent; no more need for additional income

Minister of Health Sorina Pintea said on Friday that the pay to the public healthcare staff reached a decent level and that "there is no more need for patients rounding up their income," and the initiative to dispatch…

08:45, 19.07.2019

HealthMin Pintea: I hope we have a running information system as of Monday

Healthcare Minister Sorina Pintea stated on Thursday that she hopes for the information system of the health insurance cards to be operational as of Monday.  "Just as it was conveyed to me by the President of the…

17:16, 18.07.2019

HealthMin Pintea to demand management of public health insurer be replaced

The Health Ministry is waiting for a report on the healthcare information system to be conducted by the National Health Insurance House (CNAS), Health Minister Sorina Pintea told AGERPRES on Thursday, adding that…

15:06, 12.05.2019

HealthMin Pintea: Significant drop in demand for documents confirming studies in order to exercise profession abroad

Minister of Health Sorina Pintea, in a message conveyed on the occasion of International Nurses Day on Sunday expressed her respect for the activity of the medical staff for the efforts made in the provision of…

09:37, 27.03.2019

PM Dancila: 'Meetings I have had in US have put Romania back on world map'

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said that the meetings she had with US officials during the visit to the United States on March 23-26 "took Romania back on the world map".Read also: HealthMin Pintea meets European…

23:02, 26.03.2019

HealthMin Pintea meets European Commissioner for Health and food Safety

Vaccination, medical technology assessment, tobacco control, cancer prevention and antimicrobial resistance were the main topics discussed on Tuesday at the meeting between Health Minister Sorina Pintea and the…

13:07, 01.03.2019

JusMin Toader: 'Draft Emergency Ordinance for amending OUG 7/2019, drawn up'

Justice Minister Tudorel Toader said on Thursday that a new emergency ordinance has been drafted, that will repeal several provisions of OUG 7/2019, which are the object of the magistrates' protest, on Friday to…

13:06, 01.03.2019

HealthMin Pintea: We must align EU plan of action with WHO global action plan on ARM

The Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU will continue to build on previous achievements, focusing on improving infection prevention and control measures and optimizing the use of antibiotics in the human,…

18:07, 12.02.2019

HealthMin Pintea says facilities providing botched care to be suspended

Romania's Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar underscored the importance of developing a network of specialists in the area of intellectual property of each EU member state, within a specialist meeting organized…

11:18, 12.02.2019

President Iohannis, guest of honour of Munich Security Conference

President Klaus Iohannis Saturday through Sunday will attend as guest of honour the 55th edition of the Munich Security Conference, informs on Tuesday a release by the Presidential Administration sent to AGERPRES.Read…

23:13, 11.02.2019

HealthMin Pintea proposes bill that clearly states the competences of aesthetic doctors

Healthcare Minister Sorina Pintea announced on Monday that an order will be issued that will stipulate the competences of the the aesthetic doctors and the obligation for every cabinet to also present, when the…

08:38, 30.01.2019

FinMin Teodorovici: 'Budget draft final version to be unveiled Wednesday'

The talks on the draft budget continued on Tuesday night at the Finance Ministry, and the final version will be unveiled on Wednesday by noon, the relevant minister Eugen Teodorovici said on Tuesday evening.Read…

08:38, 30.01.2019

HealthMin Pintea, on flu spreading: 'Situation is serious, may become extremely serious'

The situation is serious at the moment, Health Minister Sorina Pintea said on Tuesday at private TV broadcaster Antena 3, referring to the spread of influenza.Read also: Iohannis: A series of Gov't measures show…

18:56, 18.12.2018

HealthMin Pintea says regional hospitals closer to being a certainty; funding source is currently very clear

Healthcare Minister Sorina Pintea stated on Tuesday that regional hospitals would be built on the 20121-2027 financial period with an increase of the co-funding percentage of the European Union from 50 percent…

20:25, 06.12.2018

HealthMin Pintea, Commissioner Andriukaitis discuss about Romania's priorities during Presidency of EU Council

Healthcare Minister Sorina Pintea had a meeting on Thursday in Brussels with European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Vytenis Andriukaitis, during which the two officials talked about Romania's priorities…

13:33, 26.11.2018

HealthMin Pintea: Doctors' requests to work abroad fell by 45-50pct; there are requests to return

Health Minister Sorina Pintea said in Bistrita on Monday that the number of requests made by doctors to work abroad has almost halved according to data centralised by the month of August, while the number of requests…

13:18, 12.11.2018

HealthMin Pintea: "Patients' mobility," among the topics proposed for presidency of Council of EU

Minister of Health Sorina Pintea stated that Romania will propose for the time when it holds the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union, starting on January 1, 2019, a new topic - "Patients' mobility,"…

20:27, 06.11.2018

HealthMin Pintea decides to conclude protocols with large burn centers of Europe

Healthcare Minister Sorina Pintea decided to conclude some protocols with large burn centers of Europe, in order to avoid in the future bureaucratic problems resulted from the patients' transfers abroad, the relevant…

20:37, 23.10.2018

HealthMin Pintea: 'Romania, Bulgaria to resume cooperation in ensuring access to medicines'

Minister of Health Sorina Pintea on Tuesday met her Bulgarian counterpart, Kiril Ananiev, with whom she discussed about ensuring access to medicines for patients, as well as about Romania preparing to take over…

18:45, 22.10.2018

HealthMin Pintea welcomes Moldovan counterpart Radu to discuss main co-operation coordinates

Romania's Health Minister Sorina Pintea on Monday welcomed her Moldovan counterpart Silvia Radu to discuss a joint plan in the field of medical science and technology, as well as transplantation and medicine co-operation."I…

15:09, 10.09.2018

HealthMin Pintea meets Austrian counterpart and proposes conclusion of long-term memorandum of collaboration

Healthcare Minister Sorina Pintea met on Monday in Vienna, with her Austrian counterpart Beate Hartinger - Klein, occasion on which the Romanian official proposed the conclusion of a Memorandum of Collaboration…

15:37, 01.08.2018

HealthMin Pinteae: Under my tenure, building regional hospitals got restarted

Health Minister Sorina Pintea told a six months in office activity review meeting on Wednesday that she managed to untangle the situation of the construction of regional hospitals which deadline is 2023. "In my…

13:04, 06.03.2018

HealthMin Pintea: Romania calls on EU Civil Protection Mechanism for help with immunoglobulin

Romania has called on the EU Civil Protection Mechanism for help with its immunoglobulin crisis, Health Minister Sorina Pintea announced on Monday. "In order to solve this problem, Romania has suspended the clawback…

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