13:00, 10.11.2020

EconMin Popescu: I invite companies in Romania to get involved in making schools energy efficient

EconMin Popescu: I invite companies in Romania to get involved in making schools energy efficient

The Minister of Economy, Energy and Business Milieu, Virgil Popescu, invited Romanian companies to choose a school to help it become more energy efficient, according to AGERPRES.He sent a message in this regard,…

09:15, 29.10.2020

EconMin Popescu requests reopening call for micro-grants to SMEs by including businesses set up in 2020

EconMin Popescu requests reopening call for micro-grants to SMEs by including businesses set up in 2020

The Minister of Economy, Virgil Popescu, on Wednesday requested that the Prime Minister reopen the call for scheme 1 for SMEs, regarding the extension of micro-grants for SMEs, by including among eligible callers…

21:00, 22.10.2020

EconMin Popescu: We received 19,789 applications for SME working capital loan scheme

EconMin Popescu: We received 19,789 applications for SME working capital loan scheme

The Minister of Economy, Virgil Popescu, on Thursday evening stated that there have been recorded 19,789 applications for the SME working capital loan scheme. "Today, at 11.00 am, we launched the 2nd financing…

17:26, 17.09.2020

EconMin Popescu: Romania, important step to ensure it is first country to extract gas from Black Sea

By starting the works on the sub-marine pipeline within the Midia - MGD natural gas development project, Romania has taken an important step and makes sure that it will probably be the first country to extract…

17:35, 15.09.2020

EconMin Popescu: Romanian gas has become cheaper, so exports to Hungary have resumed

Gas on the Romanian market have become cheaper as a result of the increase in domestic production, so that exports to Hungary have resumed, said on Tuesday the Minister of Economy, Energy and Business Environment,…

22:05, 10.09.2020

EconMin Popescu: We neeed support to finance switch from coal to renewable energy

Romania needs support to be able to switch from coal-fired to renewable energy production, such as natural gas, said Economy, Energy and Business Minister Virgil Popescu on Thursday. "In the energy sector we are…

12:09, 14.07.2020

EconMin Popescu: Grant projects for SMEs

The three state aid schemes from the overall envelope of one billion euros from the EU will be distributed to micro-enterprises without employees, medical offices, PFAs (Authorized Individuals) of physicians caught…

11:54, 14.07.2020

EconMin Popescu advises consumers to change gas, electricity suppliers depending on price

Romanian consumers are advised to move to another gas provider and, after liberalization, another electrical energy provider, if the prices are more acceptable with another provider than the one they are already…

11:48, 14.07.2020

EconMin Popescu: At this time no political consensus in Parliament to amend Offshore Law

Parliamentary political parties have not reached a consensus until now, so that the Offshore Law is amended and investors in the Black Sea start extracting gas, said the Minister of Economy, Energy and the Business…

09:09, 02.07.2020

EconMin Popescu: I wish Romgaz be part of consortium to start gas exploration in Black Sea

The Minister of Economy, Energy and the Business Environment, Virgil Popescu, stated on Wednesday that he wishes that Romgaz be a part of the consortium that will start gas exploring in the Black Sea, because only…

08:42, 26.06.2020

EconMin Popescu: We took measures to complete gas markets liberalization; we expect 10-15 pct drop in prices

Minister of Economy Virgil Popescu on Thursday told the Government meeting that measures were taken to allow the liberalization of the natural gas market starting with July 1, while mentioning that a drop in the…

13:24, 17.06.2020

EconMin Popescu: Price of gas for population should decrease 10-15% otherwise Gov't to intervene

The price of gas for household consumers should decrease by 10-15% from July 1, when the market is completely deregulated, otherwise the Government will use anti-competitive legislation to intervene, Minister of…

08:37, 16.06.2020

EconMin Popescu: 60 companies make biocides, 24 make surgical masks

About 60 companies in Romania produce biocides, including large producers such as Farmec Cluj, Antibiotice Iasi, OMV Petrom and Chimcomplex Borzesti, and 24 companies produce surgical masks, the Minister of Economy,…

20:00, 03.06.2020

EconMin Popescu: Aid package for SMEs with budget for non-reimbursable grants of 1 B euro

The Economy, Energy and Business Environment Ministry is preparing an aid package for SMEs with a budget for non-reimbursable grants of 1 billion euro, fresh money, relevant Minister Virgil Popescu conveyed on…

08:30, 22.05.2020

EconMin Popescu: Government approves emergency ordinance to support large energy consumers

The government approved an emergency ordinance on Thursday to support large energy consumers, this being an amendment to the ordinance that allowed the support of 15 branches of industry, said on Thursday the Minister…

11:08, 05.05.2020

EconMin Popescu: I no longer want Romanians to buy masks at prices exceeding 2 lei

One of the main concerns for the next period is that, in Romania, protective masks can be found in stores after May 15, at a price around 2 lei, Minister of the Economy, Energy and Business Environment Virgil Popescu…

17:44, 13.04.2020

EconMin Popescu: Economy has 30-40 pct contraction

The economy has a contraction ranging between 30 and 40%, and after the peak of the epidemic has been reached and this crisis has followed a downward trend we want to have the measures ready for the recovery of…

10:30, 02.04.2020

EconMin Popescu: Car industry in Romania to produce medical equipment and develop a breathing device

The Romanian car industry wants to help Romanian economy and contribute to the production of medical equipment and products like masks, coveralls and biocides, while also taking part in a project meant to develop…

21:46, 26.03.2020

EconMin Popescu: I've talked with first private company which will start production of masks

The first large private company will produce, as of 15 April, a number of 500,000 FFP2 and 100,000 FFP3 masks per day, and is going to then reach a production of 16 - 17 million masks per month, Economy, Energy…

09:43, 24.03.2020

EconMin Popescu: Should this crisis last one or two months, deficit could hit rd 5 percent

The budgetary deficit of Romania will hit almost 5 percent should this coronavirus pandemic crisis last one or two months, but should it last more it is already hard to tell where we could get, Economy Minister…

19:40, 22.03.2020

EconMin Popescu: I asked EBRD for support to quickly start post-coronavirus economic development strategy

Economy Minister Virgil Popescu announced that, together with Finance Minister Florin Citu, they have requested the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), in order to quickly start…

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