PM Dancila: PSD will ensure quorum for motion, will not vote

PM Dancila: PSD will ensure quorum for motion, will not vote

(PSD) MPs will be present in the chamber for the debate and voting of the censure motion, but they will not vote, said , leader of the .  "The PSD will join the chamber, they will not vote. They [the opposition - e.n.] must ensure their 233 votes 'for'. The quorum will be ensured by us, because we wanted this motion voted even earlier. I saw the Opposition's desire to bring down the Government, but then when we wanted the motion voted on a Saturday, we saw the same Opposition, that earlier said any hour, any day with this Government

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Dancila: No social-democrat to vote Gov't to be proposed by Orban

16:28, 20.10.2019 - The dismissed Prime Minister Viorica Dancila has stated that no social-democrat will vote the Government proposed by the Prime Minister designate Ludovic Orban. She said she does not know whether the new Executive would be voted on until the presidential elections. "I have no way of knowing.…

PM Dancila to Opposition: I don't believe you truly want to govern country; let Gov't continue reforms

11:45, 10.10.2019 - Prime Minister Viorica Dancila stated on Thursday that the Opposition does not truly want to govern Romania and asked her detractors to let Government continue its job and continue the reforms it started.  "Do not underestimate the Social Democrat Party! Don't believe we will ever stop, in power…

Parliament: Censure motion to be read on Thursday in joint plenary meeting

09:37, 03.10.2019 - The Senate and the Deputies' Chamber are convening on Thursday morning in a joint meeting for the reading of the censure motion, which will be debated and voted next week, on 10 October.  "The motion will be read tomorrow and [it will be] discussed and debated next Thursday, on 10 October," Pro Romania…

PM Dancila: There are no PSD members who will vote the censure motion, it won't pass

12:34, 01.10.2019 - Prime Minister Viorica Dancila on Tuesday stated in Ploiesti that there won't be any Social Democratic Party (PSD) members who will vote the censure motion, which "won't pass," for there are enough "responsible" people in Parliament, regardless of the party they belong to.  "I know that today the…

PM Dancila: Motion will not pass, I've seen this film before

22:33, 30.09.2019 - Chairperson of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Prime Minister Viorica Dancila declared on Monday that the censure motion will not clear Parliament, pointing out that she has already "seen the film of the eternal motion", which, until now, has mostly broken down and divided the Opposition rather…

PM Dancila: We won't go to Parliament when President tells us to go

15:57, 21.09.2019 - Prime Minister Viorica Dancila on Saturday stated that the Social Democrats will go to Parliament to ask for a vote of confidence for a Government reshuffle, but not when President Klaus Iohannis tells them to go."We want to go to Parliament for that Government reshuffle, but not when Mr President…

PM Dancila: Even if reshuffle is rejected, Government will still not fall

08:36, 19.09.2019 - Chair of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Prime Minister Viorica Dancila, on Wednesday evening said that, in case the Government reshuffle gets rejected by Parliament, the Government will still not fall, with the procedure to be resumed with a new proposal for reshuffle.  "Let's suppose that the…

PM Dancila to negotiate for gov't to move on, might ask Parliament for confidence

20:25, 29.08.2019 - The government will go before Parliament to ask for a vote of confidence, and negotiation remains the best weapon, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said in Arges County on Thursday.She added that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) does not contemplate abandoning government. "I will discuss…

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