Iohannis calls passage of censure motion great success, vows to continue battle against PSD

Iohannis calls passage of censure motion great success, vows to continue battle against PSD

said on Thursday that the censure motion against the (PSD) government is a great success, warning that "the battle with PSD has not ended." "Done! has won! Today, the vote of the Romanians cast on May 26 at the referendum is wholly, fully respected. The downfall of the PSD government is the natural result of the reaction of the whole society to the abuses and incompetence of this government. The success of the censure motion confirms a process that began some time ago, with the vote of May 26, after the referendum and the elections…

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President Iohannis, to Liberals: You will govern with transitional Government

20:06, 13.10.2019 - President Klaus Iohannis told the Liberals on Sunday to prepare for government and said he wishes to win the presidential, local and parliamentary elections alongside the National Liberal Party (PNL). "We have a difficult stumble block to overcome. The motion has passed, the Romanians are feeling…

President Iohannis: We must set up a Liberal government immediately; any day with dimissed gov't is lost

20:55, 11.10.2019 - President Klaus Iohannis on Friday stated that a Liberal government must be set up immediately, for each day with the dismissed Government still in place after the adoption of the motion of censure is "a lost day" for the Romanians. "We need to set up a Liberal government immediately. We really need…

Opposition reactions after censure motion adoption

15:46, 10.10.2019 - Following the censure motion clearing Parliament on Thursday, National Liberal Party (PNL) leader Ludovic Orban said: "The nightmare that Romania has lived through has ended (..) I want to thank President Klaus Iohannis for a decisive involvement in the success of the motion, and I also want to thank…

Dismissed PM Dancila urges President Iohannis to nominate replacement as soon as possible

15:26, 10.10.2019 - Dismissed Prime Minister Viorica Dancila urged President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday to nominate a new prime minister as soon as possible to take over the government.  "The motion has passed, all the parties have come together to pass this motion, there have also been colleagues who have betrayed.…

PM Dancila: There are no PSD members who will vote the censure motion, it won't pass

12:34, 01.10.2019 - Prime Minister Viorica Dancila on Tuesday stated in Ploiesti that there won't be any Social Democratic Party (PSD) members who will vote the censure motion, which "won't pass," for there are enough "responsible" people in Parliament, regardless of the party they belong to.  "I know that today the…

PM Dancila: Motion will not pass, I've seen this film before

22:33, 30.09.2019 - Chairperson of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Prime Minister Viorica Dancila declared on Monday that the censure motion will not clear Parliament, pointing out that she has already "seen the film of the eternal motion", which, until now, has mostly broken down and divided the Opposition rather…

PRO Romania supports censure motion

18:54, 19.09.2019 - PRO Romania will support the censure motion against the Dancila Cabinet, Senator Adrian Tutuianu, deputy chair of the political formation, stated on Thursday in central Brasov."PRO Romania will support the censure motion against the Viorica Dancila Government. We are interested less in the…

Iohannis: Business environment in Romania must be released from guillotine of unpredictability of OUG 114-type

19:22, 08.08.2019 - President Klaus Iohannis said on Thursday that the business environment in Romania should be released from the "guillotine of unpredictability of the OUG (emergency ordinance) 114-type.""As long as we do not encourage private initiative and investments we cannot really talk about the long-term…

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